Bitrate Viewer

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Bitrate Viewer is Copyright © 2008-2010 by EDV & Astro Service, Konran Udo Gerber.

This program is based on libav/FFmpeg which is licensed under LGPL 2.1 and embedded within ready-to-use Windows-DLL binaries. The source code of the libav/FFmpeg project package is Copyright © 2001 by Fabrice Bellard.

Lowlevel C++ wrapper classes part of AvLib package for libav/FFmpeg are Copyright © 2008 by Thomas Rehaag.


If this software is useful for you and you want to help me to make it more useful you can make a monetary donation. Your donations will help me to spend more time into the project for the development process (adding features, bug fixing) and user support (answering your questions, visiting forums). Thank you!

FYI: The donation concept is only valid for Bitrate Viewer versions 2.x(.x). The ongoing development made it inevitably to change all versions starting with 3.0 being a shareware product with a 15 days test period. I'm working on 3.0, it is not released yet!

For questions, feedback, any suggestions, etc. please visit the Bitrate Viewer's online forum.