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Interface settings

There are really only some parameters you can change within the interface's work - but in some cases these may reflect a major difference in the working performance of the tool.
With standard settings a full video frame reader will be activated for input file upto a size of 10MiB (+10% tolerance). The full read of those files is assumed to be quick enough to get not registered by the user for the time while the tool estimates the frame count of the input file after opening it. If you feel that this primary read takes to much time on your system or if your input source is a CD or DVD then you can either deactivate using the full video frame reader or change the threshold of the buffer size in percent upto the tool chooses full reading of a file.

Hint: The full video frame reader is always inactive when working on VOB files!
The internal threshold is automatically increased by 40% if the input file is a transport stream. That's because TS has some more overhead of MPEG headers. Generally you will see that the performance in analysis of transport streams is remarkable worse than on elementary or program streams. The reason is that two stacked demuxers will be used to get the video data of a stream and that gives a lot of packet overhead.

Online version check

Since Bitrate Viewer Version 1.0.3 an automatic online version check is done regularly. The default setting is an automatic check every three weeks. You can change the time interval of automatic checks within the "Properties..." sub-dialog. This dialog can be invoked e.g. by pressing Ctrl-O. There you can also deactivate this feature if you don't want having an internet connection activated by the tool. When you have to pass a proxy/firewall to access the internet, please specify the appropriate settings also in this sub-dialog. An optional password to access a proxy server via an user account will be stored within Windows registry as a DES-encrypted string.

If a new version of Bitrate Viewer is available you will be alerted by a verbose version information window and you can access the online changelog page with download links directly.

Even if you have the automatic online version check deactivated you can manually perform a version check by pressing Ctrl-U.

Minimum system requirements

Remark: This program is not suspected to run with Windows 9x/ME!